Blakeney Ward


An update on visiting during Covid-19.

Partners can visit at any time and partners are welcome to stay overnight.

Other visitors may visit between 2:30pm 4pm and 7pm 8pm. No children under the age of 16 years old may visit at any time unless they are your own children.

Tel: 01603 289951


Fax: 01603 287240

Blakeney is a 32 bed postnatal ward comprising of four six bedded bays and eight side rooms. The side rooms are usually allocated to women or babies with complex needs.

Side room 5 has facilities designed to enable individuals using wheelchairs easy access to the en-suite bathroom & toilet; and also has a hearing loop system.

Please speak to a member of staff if you have any special requirements on arrival.

Contact details

  • Blakeney ward main telephone number is 01603 289951
  • Blakeney Ward, West Block Level 3, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, Colney Lane, Norwich, NR4 7UY.


  • The Catering trolley is positioned opposite bay 8 and with a choice of hot or cold dishes.
  • Drinks are offered several times a day.
  • Water jugs are changed twice daily, & you may refill your jug at any time from any tap on the ward as they are all drinking water.
  • If you miss a meal or require food in between meals please speak to staff.
  • A fresh fruit trolley will come ‘round following breakfast.
  • Please keep your bedside tables free of clutter and rubbish for your water jugs and meal trays.
  • Bed curtains are pulled back at meal times to enable staff to collect used trays & for offering beverages.
  • When the food trolley is on the ward for hygiene purposes the toilets next to the trolley are not in use.
  • All linen skips will be removed from area.
  • To use the hand washing facilities in the bay / side room or use offered hand wipes routinely at the trolley prior to collecting meals.
  • For safety reasons please do not take your baby up to the catering trolley.

Special Dietary needs

  • If you need a special diet for health reasons or have cultural or religious needs please tell our staff and they will ensure you are given appropriate meals.
  • The ward has a patient fridge where labelled food may be placed.

Personal belongings

  • To avoid risks of injury and difficulties in accessing the bed space please keep personal belongings to a minimum as space is limited.
  • Your bags should be unpacked and items placed in the bedside locker or under the cot.

Curtains around bed area are kept open

  • This will ensure that staff can observe you and your baby’s well-being & provide you with any additional support.
  • Reduces the heat in the bay & enhances the natural light.
  • The cleaner and catering staff can thoroughly complete their tasks around the beds.
  • Gives you the option to communicate with the other mothers and partners.
  • Curtains may be closed for privacy and dignity reasons only.

Going home

  • Please be aware that even if your doctor has told you that you can go home your discharge has to be processed and you may still have other members of the ward team to see.
  • Please be patient with us because despite our best intentions to expedite your discharge we are also simultaneously admitting, caring for others as well as having to deal with emergencies.
  • We will keep you informed of discharge progress.
  • In case of any delays please arrange for someone to pick up children from school or to care for pets.

Patient Information Leaflets – Blakeney

Here are some useful leaflets to help you;

How to find the ward

The ward is located on Level 3 in the West Block
Please use the Inpatients West and Centre entrance/s and follow the signs to Blakeney Ward

If you are coming by car and need to park, the closest car park/s are M, N, O.

If the car park is full, further spaces may be available in the new 310-space public car park opposite A&E. Please note this car park is operated independently to the hospital car parks. For further information click here.

For a map showing the location of the car parks at the NNUH, please click here