Radiology Training Programme

The Radiology Academy delivers a five year course in line with the Radiology Training Curriculum provided by the Royal College of Radiologists. The Norwich Radiology Training Programme is one of three in the Eastern Deanery, the others being Essex and Cambridge.  The governance of the training programmes is managed by the Eastern Deanery School of Radiology and the delivery of the training programmess is managed by the Radiology Specialty Training Committee at the Deanery.  All radiology trainees in the region are Eastern Deanery appointments.  This means that after core radiology training trainees can access all subspecialty training in the region.

The Radiology Academy course starts each year on the first Monday in September.

The five year radiology training programme runs as follows:

Core Training (years 1 to 3)

Advanced Training (years 4 to 5)