NRA facilities

The facilities include:

PACs rooma) A PACS room with 12 reporting workstations with RIS / PACS integration and voice activated reporting via Talking Point. This is an extension of the managed service at NNUH and is at the leading edge of technology and allows efficient accurate reporting with reports being available to clinicians’ seconds after they are completed. This room also houses our small library and 8 PC’s which support the electronic learning packages.


skills labb) The Skills lab has 2 top of the range Toshiba ultrasound machines, a vascular simulator, various anatomical models and phantoms and another 2 stand alone PC’s.




seminar roomc) 3 Seminar rooms – a large seminar room which comfortably seats 60 people and 2 smaller rooms which seat 20. All rooms allow for flexibility of layout so the rooms can be used for many purposes. Videoconferencing facilities link the 3 rooms with the Radiology seminar room at the NNUH and are capable of linking the 3 Academies.  Links between the Radiology Seminar room at NNUH and a mobile AV trolley allow remote teaching


The Vascular Simulator, one of only 3 in the country, being demonstrated by  SpR Matthew Tam.

Vascular sim