Research Passports

What is a Research Passport?

A Research Passport is the mechanism by which non-NHS staff, that have no contractual relationship with the NHS, obtain an Honorary Research Contract or Letter of Access when they propose to carry out research at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  Essentially it is a common system of pre-engagement checks which conforms to the standards of all NHS organisations and is therefore transferable to any other NHS Trust where a Researcher wishes to carry out research; this avoids the need for each Trust to carry out separate pre-engagement checks.

How do I get a Research Passport as a Researcher with the NNUH?

  • Visit the National Institute for Health Research website for full details of the Research Passport System.
  • Complete Sections 1, 2, 3 and 6 of the Research Passport Form and then sign the form.
  • Ask your substantive employer to complete Section 4, e.g. your Line Manager, or academic supervisor if you are an HEI student.
  • Next send the form to the HR Department of your substantive employer, or University Registry for a student Researcher, for completion of Section 5.
  • Once all Sections are completed, forward your form including the documents listed below to the Research Governance Administrator via (, or for any queries call 01603 597305.
  1. Up-to date signed CV. Template available here.
  2. Occupational Health Screening Certificate (depending on research activities).
  3. Original DBS Check (this will be returned to you).
  4. Evidence of GCP training.