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 Norfolk Suffolk Cambridge  Cystic Fibrosis Network guideline.

Burkholderia cepacia complex Bcc is a group of environmental bacteria which have been shown to be of increasing importance to CF patients in recent years. They are highly virulent and easily transmissible between CF patients. Infection is associated with increased morbidity accelerated decline in lung function and shortened life expectancy. Some patients develop a rapidly progressive invasive and often fatal disease "cepacia syndrome" . However clinical outcome is variable and patients may have transient infection or can remain stable for many years. Currently there are 17 established species geonomovars within the Bcc of which B. cenocepacia has the greatest potential for virulence in CF patients. B. cenocepacia and B. multivorans account for 90% of isolates from CF sputum. Infection can be acquired by person to person transmission or from the environment

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