Name and Position

Dr Nick Levell

Contact Details

Main Telephone Number:01603 288225
Fax Number: 01603 288601


Consultant  Dermatology.

Specialities; Dermatology                     

Sub-speciality Allergy Patch Testing for Eczema

Special clinical interests : Allergy testing for eczema; skin vasculitis and connective tissue disorders.  He is the Clinical Vice-President for the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) with the aim of improving the quality of care for people with skin disease in the UK.  In July 2016, he will become President of the BAD for 2 years. He is also the UK dermatology revalidation lead.

Research interests :   He is the Specialty National UK Lead for Dermatology for the National Institute of Health Research, the UK Government’s Medical Research Unit. His research interests include : medical dermatology including cellulitis; epidemiology of skin cancer; treatment of severe psoriasis; health economics research; history of Dermatology and health services delivery.  As executive member of the UK dermatology clinical trials network (of over 600 clinicians) he is involved in introducing trials of treatments for common skin diseases, designed by groups of professionals and patients, to a network of hospitals across the UK.  Current studies include treatments for psoriasis, research looking for genes causing eczema allergy and drug reactions, health economics of eczema and hidradenitis, patient experience in acne, skin cancer epidemiology.  

Telephone:    01603 288225                

Secretary:  Lisa Baker (part time)

GMC number:       3054112       

Degrees & Universities:  MBChB (Manchester) MD (Manchester) FRCP (London) MBA (Open)

His MD doctorate was on use of image analysis in dermatology and has continued research using computer technology in this area.   He has a master’s degree in management (MBA) from the Open University and has an interest in knowledge management and creative management.

He has set up national and international symposia and research into how knowledge of the lessons from history can help with clinical, research and management decisions for doctors working today.  He believes that the interface between history, management, science and medicine is vital in health care strategy. As Vice-President of the European Association of History of Dermato-venerology he meets regularly with European dermatologists to identify how lessons of history help Dermatology improve in different European nations.

Professional Profile:: Dr Nick Levell trained in general acute medicine at Manchester for five years after qualifying. His dermatology training took place in Newcastle and at UCL Hospitals in London.

Personal profile :Nick was born in Yorkshire and educated at Leeds Grammar School. He has two children and enjoys taking part (with a complete lack of talent) in most sports, including running, cycling and swimming, and good food and company. He travels each year for 1-2 weeks with the Dowling Club, a dermatology organisation which visits hospitals in other countries to share knowledge and experiences. He is a trustee of the British Association of Dermatologists charity, is a trustee of the UK Dermatology clinical trials network charity and a regional representative of the British Skin Foundation charity.