We have a number of general children’s dermatology and specialist dermatology clinics that run in the Jenny Lind Hospital and in Dermatology respectively.

  • General paediatric dermatology – Dr George Millington, weeks 2-5 Friday pm, and weeks 2 and 4 Monday am in the Jenny Lind Hospital.
  • General paediatric dermatology – Dr Nick Levell, weeks 1-5 Wed am in the dermatology department.
  • Paediatric cutaneous allergy – Dr Clive Grattan, weeks 2 and 4 Wednesday pm in the Jenny Lind Hospital.
  • Adolescent dermatology (age 12-17) – Dr George Millington, weeks 2 and 4 Thursday pm in the dematology departmant.
  • Paediatric eczema (age 0-8) – Dr George Millington, weeks 1 Friday pm (not during March, June, September or December, in the Jenny Lind Hospital.
  • Joint dermatological genetics clinic – Dr George Millington and Dr Holden, weeks 1 Friday pm during March, June, September and December only in the Jenny Lind Hospital.