Audiology is concerned with the science of hearing and balance.

The Audiology Department at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital provides a comprehensive service involved with the assessment, management and therapeutic rehabilitation of people with hearing and balance problems and associated disorders.

Patients seen in the department come from all age groups, from newborn babies and children through to working age adults and older people.
Dr John Fitzgerald  is Head of the Audiology Department


Battery Alert

ZeniPower mercury-free hearing aid batteries – low risk of batteries exploding during use or if depleted.

The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has issued a Medical Device Alert Notice stating a batch of ZeniPower mercury-free  hearing aid batteries with best before dates of ’08-2018’ and ‘09-2018’ have a low risk of exploding during use or if depleted.

Audiology Zenipower Battery Warning

The problem is caused by excessive gassing, as the zinc electrode reacts with the electrolyte to generate hydrogen. The battery may expand and possibly explode on rare occasions.

We removed all stocks of this battery in October 2015 and have not issued ZeniPower batteries since then, but please check any batteries you have at home (both used and unused) and if they are ZeniPower with the best before dates as shown above  please stop using them and dispose of them safely in official battery recycling bins.

Dr John E FitzGerald BSc PhD CS
Consultant Clinical Scientist in Audiology, Head of Audiology
March 2016

Contact Details

Telephone Number: 01603 287284 or 01603 288917
Fax Number: 01603 288946
Email Address:

How to Find Us

Our Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital department is located on Level 2 in the West Block. Please use the West Out-patients entrance/s and follow the signs to Audiology. If you are coming by car and need to park, the closest carpark/s are C, D

Our Cromer Hospital department can be found on the first floor

We also offer a range of adult hearing aid services from the Norfolk Deaf Association on Thorpe Road in Norwich